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Father's House Fellowship's vision is to help the church leadership in the 1040 window countries plant and grow healthy self-supporting churches.

Father's House Fellowship is a Christian non-government organization that comes out of mature roots of over 25 years of ministry which is reaching into Southeast Asia with the Gospel. Now is the time to be in Southeast Asia because now is the time of the harvest of souls! Many have gone before us and have labored with little harvest, now we have a harvest we have not labored for. Father's House Fellowship is supporting the National Church so they can fulfill the great commission. Our base is in Cambodia where we are able to reach into Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar and other nations in Southeast Asia

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About Us

FHF Cambodian Director Vesith (L) with Pastor Sokieth. Keith in Asia since 2004.

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4-14 Children's Club

4-14 Children's Club asked a simple question to a boy in the village, "do you believe in Jesus", he said, "yes he's in my heart" Thousands of Children are hearing the Gospel in the remote villages.

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One Bible Seminars

Link to ONE Bible Seminars

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Bethel Home for Girls

A Safe place for girls to escape poverty and finish their education.

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Bethel Home for Boys

Land for Future Home to be built.

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Leadership Center Cambodia

Link to Leadership Center Cambodia