Bethel Home For Boys

Our Vision is to help young men, from the poor villages to have a safe Home away from their families. Enabling them to finish Highschool and Universities Education, helping them Escape human traffickers. A real problem in the poor remote villages. Our goal is to help each one developing skills that enable them to become self supportive. Each room will have a bathroom, two bunkbeds. the cost to build the first phase is $30,000. First level of five rooms. Second floor with five rooms estimated cost of $20,000.
Please pray for this fruitful ministry that will benefit Young men and their families.
Each young man will be helping in our 4-14 Children's Club one day a week. They will continue to be connected to their families, most are not Orphans.
Scholarships are needed to help them complete their High School and University Education, about $35. a month is needed per student. Their families give some support too.

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