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June 2008 Update









Greetings from Cambodia,

This is going to be a great year of ministry as we are already having more restrictions in our training of National Leaders in Cambodia. Read the quote from the U.S. State Department below:

"Local commune elections in April 2007 were peaceful.  National elections are scheduled for July 27, 2008. Political tensions have eased, and the current situation is relatively stable; however, Cambodian political activities have turned violent in the past, and the possibility for politically motivated violence remains".

At our last training we were told we could not go into the village and visit the house groups and this will be the new restriction at least until after the National elections in July. Please join with us in praying for the National leaders to have wisdom and boldness to continue to share the Good News. This week two of our leaders were questioned by the local government, they were warned not to go house to house before the election.  

New Friends

I have been making some new friends, I am  putting many hours into the life of some young men.  Some live in the Temple in Battambang so they can study. For many  end up living in the Temple as a means to continue their education.  Most of the village schools lack teachers and the few teachers  they do have are ill prepared to effectively teach the students.  Please pray for them, they have never heard the Good News in their life. Pray for me to have discernment with them.  This is a great opportunity to plant some good seeds.  A few have come to Faith. Praise God for His Mercy.

 One of the biggest challenges in Cambodia is that most of the people are not readers. The vast majority do not read unless they have to.  This is even true with a number of the leaders we have been working with over the years. As Christian we are a faith that is based on the Bible a Book. Therefore we need to help the national become readers.



















pray for freedom of worship in Vietnam

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