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March 2009 Updates

Text Box: Greetings in Jesus Name.  We are filled with joy to share with you good reports from the National Leaders. Souls are being saved, followed by water baptism. Discipleship is taking place. With your help we will  return April 7 to start the New Bible School. This is the hot season in Cambodia. We have never been there in April but have heard of the 120 degree heat. We trust God will provide a place for us with an AC as we labor in the power of the Holy Spirit. 
Prayer request:
Pray for safety not only for us as we travel back to Southeast Asia but for the 75 leaders who live and travel everyday on dangerous dirt roads as they share the Gospel. Pray for a spirit of unity among the many leaders. Pray for boldness for all of us to share God's word.  Pray for all of us to have the gift of faith in our lives as we start this new Bible School as well as continue to train the leaders in the remote villages. Pray for God's provision for God's people. Pray for the Lord to stretch out his hand and perform many miracles as the Gospel is preached. Pray for Vesith as he leads the work in Cambodia. Pray for open doors into Vietnam this year.  Thanks, Keith and Jeanne





Text Box: You support them, they do the work. FHF is looking for  new partners to give monthly to support this team of leaders. Faithful men reaching hundreds of families with the Gospel. Will send your best gift today?




































Text Box: the 10/40 window






















Vision 2009                                                                    We can make a difference in 2009

We are looking forward to starting the Bible School and have found a group of pastors in one town to work with. They will have quality Biblical Education that will help them fulfill their call of ministry. We are looking for partners who will join us in birthing this new Khmer Bible School.  We are partnering with International School of Ministry. The teaching is on DVD and comes with study books in the Khmer language. This full curriculum is ready made for reaching the thousands who need Biblical training. Some of the teachers are, Dr. Jack Hayford, Dr. Reinhard Bonnke, Rev. Bayless Conley, Dr. Dick Eastman, Dr. T.L. Osborn and many others. With your help and prayers this Bible School will reach hundreds in a few years. The cost for 10 students will be about $1000 per-trimester. Over one year it will cost about $3,000 to train 10 Pastor Leaders. The start up cost which includes the purchase of 10  used computers, monitors, desks, and some class room supplies will be about $5000. Our Vision is to release the leaders that we have been training for the last few years to continue the ministry in the villages.   My main focus for 2009 will be the Bible School as well as using our Bible Class in English to reach non-Christians with the Gospel. This is a big step of faith for us and we are believing  the Lord is in this idea. We pray that the Lord will speak to those who have a heart for reaching not only this generation but the generations to come until the Lords return. This is the best investment you can make in 2009, sponsor a Pastor/Leader so they can reach the unreached who are in Southeast Asia.

5 trimesters Courses in Khmer STE ONE:

  • Foundations of the Faith, Supernatural Living, New Testament Survey, Praise and Worship
  • Fear of the Lord, Power of Prayer, Ministry of Helps, Old Testament Survey
  • Essence of the Gospel, Jesus Our Healer Today, Living by Faith, Introduction
  • Church-Based Training, Cell Growth & Principle of 12, Power Evangelism
  • Leader's Integrity, Leadership Vision, Church Planting, Being Led by the Spirit
  • Promise Keeper, How to Give an Altar Call, Wilderness Mentalities
  • Developing Leaders, Cell Group Leaders, Reconciliation, Personal Evangelism
  • Spiritual Warfare, Authority & Forgiveness, Spiritual Breakthrough, Christ Connection
  • Living to Give, Biblical Eldership, Reaching a New Generation, Managing for Tomorrow
  • Ministering to Youth
  • (for more information go to ISOM web site link and click on ISOM Courses).


Helping the leaders become self supporting is a vital part of this ministry. With the support of friends and partners we have been able to help some attend the University, computer training while others have received help to finish high school. Your gifts makes a difference in the lives of hundreds.  We receive requests all the time but have to turn  some down due to a lack of funds.

Humanitarian Help

Clean water is not a luxury but a matter of life. Helping dig water wells saves entire families of years of sickness and disease. Helping them build a simple toilet will also add to the health of many families.  Buying a pig or cow will help a family support themselves.

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