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Bible School



Father's House Fellowship is partnering with ISOM as we continue to build on the good foundation of the past years.


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Text Box: The Building is ready for us to start the Bible School this year. We are working with a number of Pastor's that have been praying for years to start their own Bible School. For many years the Pastors have raised up young leaders that have gone off to Phnom Penh (7 hours away) only to never see them again. It been their desire to train the many leaders that they have raised up over the years.

















Text Box: All Courses are on CVD (DVD in Asia) and are in Khmer. All workbooks and test are already in Khmer and ISOM is offering us a special price to help us  
Text Box: 5 trimesters Courses in Khmer STE ONE: 
Foundations of the Faith, Supernatural Living, New Testament Survey, Praise and Worship
Fear of the Lord, Power of Prayer, Ministry of Helps, Old Testament Survey
Essence of the Gospel, Jesus Our Healer Today, Living by Faith, Introduction
Church-Based Training, Cell Growth & Principle of 12, Power Evangelism
Leader's Integrity, Leadership Vision, Church Planting, Being Led by the Spirit
Promise Keeper, How to Give an Altar Call, Wilderness Mentalities
Developing Leaders, Cell Group Leaders, Reconciliation, Personal Evangelism
Spiritual Warfare, Authority & Forgiveness, Spiritual Breakthrough, Christ Connection
Living to Give, Biblical Eldership, Reaching a New Generation, Managing for Tomorrow
Ministering to Youth 
(for more information go to ISOM web site link and click on ISOM Courses).



















Text Box: We are looking for some people with faith and vision to see that want to join us as we start the Khmer Bible School. Many of the Khmer leader will need financial help in the form of Scholarships. Help one Pastor/Evangelist receive the training they need with your gift of $30.00 each month per leader. These funds will cover their books and study material as well as some travel expanses.















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